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The Ardee School
Riya Simepurushkar - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

I would like to take this chance to thank Dhanya ma’am for being the best teacher ever. You’ve always been helpful and kind. Thank you for correcting me and guiding me. You have definitely made a positive difference in my life. You are the best example of what a best teacher should be.

Lanza Fernandes - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

When Ms.Tanishq stepped in at Ardee there was this turn around change for good that took place for kids with the subject humanities. They started developing great interest towards the subject. The clarity she displays in her teaching is commendable. She is warm,kind and understanding.. Thank u Ms.Tanishq

Lanza Fernandes - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms. Dhanya has really encouraged kezia to do well and believed that she is capable of scoring well. Her constant motivation has helped kezia to work hard and meet her expectations. She is a very understanding,simple,approachable and down to earth mentor. I thank her and appreciate all her dedication and hard work.

Shierley Dias - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms Victoria has a clear concept of the IGCSE syllabus... She is well aware of the subjects and is a great mentor and guide.

Sandeep Ghose - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

She is a great teacher & her teaching style helps in generating interest in the subject.

Archana Ranjan - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms Regina vaz is wonderful and good teacher and most importantly she comes across as a good human being. During her interactions with the kids encourages the kids to participate and coxes every child to share their view. The kids are also comfortable sharing their experience with her. She is very approachable and kids simply adore her. Thou we do have to pick one mentor i must say all the mentors are doing a wonderful job and love the enthusiasm they have in doing the job. Keep up the good work.

Siddhi Sarvesh Alias Shiv Mulgaonker - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

All the teachers in Ardee school ar so supportive and helpful that they fulfil the old times shloka meaning of 'guru matru pitru bhava'. Sapana Ma'am has been a huge support abd very much accesible to shaan at all times. Also wish to specially mention his teacher , Mitesg Gad who is also his very favourite teacher. Thank You

Vivet Mendonza Chawla - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

We would like to thank all the teachers and the staff, however the above mentioned mentors have inspired Keerat to do her best.

Amar Borkar - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Has a lot of patience, caring and has a strong work ethic.

Ramkrishna P Madkaikar - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ishana loves Lumia maam's smiling nature and good teaching.

Cher Pereira - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

The Backbone! “If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes.” Guy Kawasaki During this pandemic, the one silent dedicated worker has been Ms Albina. Her strength is her silent work. She has been a good leader and has proved it several times from the last year, not just this year. She is so open to feedback and works extensively to see that its implemented. She is always always always there at all times to help support and pay heed to any matters of concern. I've seen that she has not one day let anything affect the online classes of the kids, be it sickness in faculty or any emergency. She has always worked on reschedule to make sure the kids has something to do and they have not been affected. I've already told her that:If all the teachers are stars, then she is the sun the biggest star. And each and every teacher has contributed so much that's its difficult to choose, because without one, the other will fall apart. And to keep this going I think Ms Albina has been exceptionally good at. Wonderful team and a wonderful leader. Wish you well always!!

Lina Vincent - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

I have found Ms. Anjali to be enthusiastic, committed and also much loved by the students while imparting the subject matter correctly.

Cher Pereira - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Most exciting class! Teacher who has made the world of IT an ease to Operate. Ms Prachiti has made the online education very easy to navigate. I can say with confidence that caleb can google content, make folders, copy, paste, save ,move and make ppts dance and sing and look colourful all by himself. During ms Prachiti class you can hear all the kids excited to share their work, they can share screens and take screenshots and share work and all this is done with so much enthusiasm. It's one of the most lively class. She has collaborated with so many subjects to make learning easy. What would we do without, such an effecient and effective teacher. Ms Prachiti you have been a blessing during these times. And we owe a lot to you. Wish you well always.

Cher Pereira - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

The most disciplined teacher! Ms Amanda class is the most discliplined. A subject that can be really vast and have so much information, at a time. Ms Amanda has done exceptionally well in making the most difficult subject seem easy. The best part is that this subject needs the least revision. Her revision after every topic is the icing on the cake. She makes sure every child answers something about the topic and she gauges the understanding and if necessary she makes sure the topic is done again. Her quizzes are amazing, it tells you how much your child has understood a particular topic. It makes your child think! And not learn by rote. Ms Amanda you have bought a lot of disclipline among the kids and most of all an equal opportunity for the kids to answer and share their thoughts during class. You have made the most silent child speak. Since this subject has a lot of theory, I am very impressed how you track every child's work, and are upto date. Love to be a silent student of your class. Wish you well always!

Cher Pereira - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Calebs favourite teacher! If he had to chose an award it would go to Ms Ignes. Ms Ignes has made Caleb such a confident student. Her guidance right from grade 1 until now has had a tremendous affect on Calebs love for the subject. Caleb waits impatiently for maths, he's extremely disappointed if Ignes Ma'am internet connection is down, she has so much of love to give her students. To teach a subject like maths online takes a lot, multiplication and division is not an easy task to teach such small kids, then to see that all the kids have understood, to make sure all the steps have been grasped well, by all the students, and all the students are at the same level of understanding that concepts. But she magically does it. Ardee is blessed to have you Ignes Ma'am. And thank you for making caleb fall in love with Maths. Wish you well, always!

Rishika - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

She is very patient calm n understanding with all the kids.. During these online sessions too she tries her best to give personal attention to all the kids n the ones in need!! As a parent it’s easy to talk to her without worrying whether she ll misunderstand!! Too good teacher... love her teaching tactics too... I hope she wins.

Cher Pereira - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

A star Teacher! The content prepared and presented by Ms Lumira is undoubtedly the best I have seen till date at the Ardee school. She is so well prepared for every class. She makes the most difficult topics easy to understand. Caleb enjoys working with a lot of English projects. She represents the language she speaks so well, she is well spoken and very polite. I love that she makes sure that the kids use the correct pronunciation and patiently waits for them to learn it correctly. English is one of the most important subjects and I'm really happy that the foundation is Excellent. Wishing you well always!! Shine bright.

Cher Pereira - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

A Diamond! During this time, we couldn't have had a better mentor than Riddhi Ma'am. She has worked tirelessly over the months to bring out the best in our kids. The grade 3 kids shine and she is a big reason for this. She gives perfect feedback, she is so well aware of the child's strengths and shortcomings, that she somehow turns the shortcomings into strength. The child becomes unrecognisable. Undoubtedly,one of my favourite mentors. I wish you well always, and know without a doubt your going to take the school name to great heights. Good luck.

Ashok Hariharan - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

She makes the Hindi lessons interesting while also teaching correct grammar and engages the students.

Rakhi - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

All the teachers are doing exceptionally well, understanding the current situation ! I must say our vote goes to Ridhi mam, for keeping the kids engaged , understanding each child’s individual needs , keeping the kids smiling but also staying firm as when required, Her ideas and creativity for the children to grasp concepts are great. She is also representing the school on the online work shops and presentations with outstanding representation for Ardee Goa ! She really brings out the best in the child’s potential, she encourages them and really keeps the child going in the current situation.. She is a rock for the kids and is dynamite for the school.

Shibani - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Arhan couldn’t vote for just one ..he insisted both Riddhi and Lumira. He feels both the teachers classes are fun and he understands things faster and better with their assistance. Thank you teachers.

Lanza Fernandes - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms.Regina is a warm, approachable,loving mentor. To sum up all her qualities i would say,she has been like a mother to the year 5 kids. Now with the online learning and observation as Yohan attends class,i see him the most excited when he has Ms.Regina's class. He is all charged and active,the smile on his face tells me how happy he is to have her as his teacher. Ms.Regina, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lanza Fernandes - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

With gratitide in my heart, i would like to thank Ms.Anjali for being that pillar of suppport to Kezia. She all through believed that Kezia can achieve great things and that's what pushed Kezia to do better each time. Thank you for everything small and big. Blessings as you touch the hearts of many children.

Aditi Godkar - 10 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Thank you for providing all the knowledge and moral support. Thanks for being a great teacher! The passion you have for your job and the way you teach is amazing ! Thanks for your efforts in making each lesson enjoyable and educational. We always look forward to your classes – A big “Thank you Amanda Ma'am!”

Naziya Shaikh - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” I read this lines somewhere and Miss Venu Limaye is the Really the best mentor to our kid.She help our kid Everytime and inspires him to do good.And Her valuable words will always Motivate him.And Every Mentor is neccessary to our kid to build good personality and We are Really thankful to every Mentor.

Leanne Da Costa Frias - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ethan couldnt make up his mind so he said "Shiddhi", both Sharon and Riddhi!

Pranoti Lotlikar - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Regina Vaz ma’am is loved by Vihaan and he shares a deep bond with her. By all means she is his favourite mentor. She is very dedicated in her job and enjoys the company of children likewise children enjoy her company too. So our vote goes to Ms. Regina Vaz.

Tracey Lobo - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

We cannot single out a particular teacher as all the teachers are valued and appreciated by us. Each and every mentor has their own unique teaching style and personality and all have shown adaptability this year due to the ongoing transition to online teaching. I would like to nominate all the mentors.

Leanne Da Costa Frias - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ethan couldnt make up his mind so he said "Shiddhi", both Sharon and Riddhi!

Leanne Da Costa Frias - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

A very hard decision.

Glancy Gracias - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Thank you for doing your best for your students and for being flexible in this unprecedented situation. Thank you for your patience with technology , your willingness to try new things and your ability to reach students even from a distance. Please know that everything you are doing is appreciated and that everything you are doing is making a difference in students lives.

Aakriti Goel - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Drama sessions have been really interactive and I have seen kiaan develop a lot of skills during this one year. Riddhi ma'am is always well prepared for the sessions and maintains discipline even in online sessions. Well done ma'am

Kripa Desai - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Thank you Ms Riddhi, kaya says you are her favourite teacher because you teach with lots of passion and fun..

Leayana Gracias - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Thank you Riddhi mam for being patient with the kids and helping us with adapting to the new classroom situation. You have gone out of your way to help Daniella, and that too in your own time which we really appreciate. Your innovative ways are very inspiring and the kids enjoy your dynamic way of teaching. You give clear instructions and make the class very interactive for the kids and most importantly fun. By sharing your personal stories the kids really grasper the concepts and often tell us about the funny stories you tell them.

Nilam Nagvenkar - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

I like all but to name and my daughter is confused but she went for Lumira.

Prajoti Chimulkar - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

She’s very motivational, supportive and brings out the best in the child. Encourages them to give it their best shot. Happy to have her as Naija’s mentor.

Stella - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

She really enjoys the Amanda class.

Lawrence Mascarenhas - 9 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Mr. Mitesh is approachable, friendly and very assistive. Based on my experience and interaction with him he makes point to listen carefully before commenting.

Rachel Carville - 8 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Much as we would have loved to vote for Ms. Lumira, as well, I'm sure she's getting most of the votes. Hence we definitely think Riddhi mam deserves a round of applause for her.enthusiasm, infectious smile alongwith patience and support shown to the kids to participate in drama.

Yasmin and Dominic Fernandes - 8 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

We love and appreciate Rajitha Ma'am for all the extra effort she puts in to explain to Natasha who is weak in certain concepts.She is patient, kind and always there when we need her. We are greatful for having her and strongly freel she deserves this award.

Sonal Simepurushkar - 8 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

My favourite teacher is Ms/Mrs Riddi hirani who teaches us science. She is very enthusiastic to teach and clear all over doubts and also encourage us to ask her questions .I like her way of teaching.

Paola Benvenuto - 8 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

It is extremely difficult to choose, almost impossible. All Dev's class mentors are qualified very professional and passionate. I chose Seebu Sir because of his innovative way to propose Art to the children, he is able to keep alive the spontaneous creativity of a child and at the same time to expose them to formal way to doing Art and learn from innovative artist from the past as well contemporary. I have personally learnt a lot and see how Dev is fulling engrossed by the class and the assignments. Thank you !

Sailae Sawant - 8 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

I like the way Ms. Jenifa conducts the sessions. She has a strong persona. She is very polite and gentle towards kids and at the same time she knows very well how to manage the entire batch. It's a very difficult task to teach kids through online sessions, but she nicely does it and makes the subject simpler for them to understand it. I like her approach towards kids and parents. She manages to keep the entire batch focused on the subject. Many thanks to her and the entire Ardee team for working hard and making the sessions go smoother and easier for these little kids.

Sarfaraz Alam - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

We are thankful to Ms. Lumira. She is a very passionate teacher. She is very kind and polite with kids, even the naughtiest ones. She introduces all modern media of teaching such as notepad, padlet, flipgrid, quiz etc , she uses different games, crosswords, colourful presentation to break the monotonous flow of online classes. She has a beautiful English pronunciation and intonation and teaches her English Language students the same. She encourages vivid imagination, creative abilities and any unique approach to school assignment. She gives a detailed feedback to every homework submitted and never fails to appreciate kid and parent’s team work. We really loved Ms. lumira’s Yosemite park virtual camp presentation. Thank you, Lumira ma’am.

Saminder Singh - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Based on the feedback that Samrat has given me, the way Mr Mitesh teaches physics to his students is praiseworthy. My son has shown improvement in physics and his grades have shown progress. Samrat mentions many positive things about Mr Mitesh, which has personally impressed me. Therefore, I hope that Mr Mitesh continues to teach physics the same way and helps his students and my son Samrat make further progress. Regards, Saminder Singh (Samrat’s father)

Philomina Negi - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

We find Ms.Riddhi to be very enthusiastic and joyful by nature besides being absolutely perfect at doing her job. Many teachers seemed to struggle a bit during the initial days of online classes but have now overcome those hinderances. Whereas Ms. Riddhi was just spot on in her approach even then and has been consistent all this while. Seems like it doesnt matter to her if the teaching medium is online or in-person, she knows she has got it and we appreciate her efforts.

Nitesh Chandra - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

The way Lumira ma'am handles all kids, her tact, discretion, sunny disposition, as well as being fair and patient, while retaining the fun element, is a class apart. She is exactly the kind of teacher who have an outsized influence in the formative years of the student life. We are lucky to have her in our midst. Thank you with all our heart, Lumira ma'am!

Mona Nalovalia - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Lumira is very sweet, patient, fun and friendly teacher. She always tries to be innovative with her online teaching classes which helps to engage the kids. She encourages kids to be creative and uses new ways to enrich the students.

Karishma Budhraja - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Lumira maam is an extremely warm & loving teacher. She works very hard to make her classes fun & interactive for the students. There is always something to look forward to during her sessions. Her dedication towards the children shows in her feedback for every work that is submitted. We thank her for her hard work and dedication towards our kids!

Rachel Carville - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

From the start, Lorraine has felt a connection with Lumira mam.. even when Mam was ill, she prayed for her every night. We think she a great gifted teacher who forsees hopes and dreams of her students.

Pallavi Gujral - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Dear Lumira ma'am , you have been really amazing with our kids, learning has been really fun with you.... Wishing you the very best !

Anneleishea Da Costa - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

It is extremely difficult for me to shower appreciation only on a particular mentor as each and every mentor has been instrumental in shaping the lives of our kids. The Lockdown period has been a challenging time for all of us and hats off to all the mentors who have kept the laughter riot going on for our kids. I have narrowed down my selection to Albina Ma'am because shouldering the responsibility of a Co-ordinator is indeed an uphill task but she has beautifully managed to brave the storm and pull together her workforce to deliver what's best for not only the kids but also her team at school. Kudos to the entire team at Ardee, continue to shine on!

Bhavana Hameed - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms.Riddhi is not just a teacher to Ori. She is his mentor, confidant and close friend or family. In all probability Ori's piers feel the same too. Because Miss Riddhi doesn't consider teaching as merely a 'job' to do, she is fully committed to nurturing these young minds and growing together with them.... sharing all their joys, sadness, anxieties, mischief and their tiniest accomplishments as her own. She has consistently given them opportunities to excel and build their confidence through various activities, custom designed for each student. She has an amazing ability to understand each child personally and work together with them mixing play, fun and discipline in correct measures. We are very grateful that Ori had the fortune of being her student since his early years at Ardee and that she continues to be his mentor till date.

Radhika Chhabra - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms. Rejitha has been teaching Devin maths this year and briefly in year 8. In Devin’s words: She is very patient and explains everything properly no matter how many times a student asks, which shows her remarkable patience towards dealing with all kinds of children. She also successfully progresses with the syllabus in class even if there are technical issues, which shows her complete dedication in her subject. Lastly her competence in the subject, I understands and grasps the subject matter well, and also enjoy the process. Thank you Ms. Rejitha for your hard work and dedication. You definitely deserve this honour and appreciation for your excellence.

Deepti Kamat Dalal - 7 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Hi Everyone, As I have mentioned earlier as well, all mentors are doing great job one cant compare, special mention to Miss Riddhi for the wonderful efforts she takes for the Drama session whether is year 1 or year 4, as not only academics but other activities are important and specially for such classes online sessions are little difficult, but the efforts taken by mentor is too good. Thanks to Sharon Mam and Regina Mam, the mentors make sure that the kids have understood the right thing and are doing their work right. The checking work done by both mentors is absolutely upto the mark and it becomes easoer for us parents to explain to the kids where they have gone wrong. Thanks a lot to each and every mentor. Keep up the great work everyone is doing. Deepti Kamat Dalal.

Deepti Kamat Dalal - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Hi Everyone, Each and every Teacher at Ardee school are taking great efforts and doing a great work. We cant say that 1 mentor is differrent from others. But special names that I would like to mention is for Ms Lumeira she has become a great freinds with the kids and kids actually look forward for her class. Special mention for Ms. Richa and Ms Ignes as they are doing a superb job, it must have not been an eazy job for teachers to unlearn old techniques and learn new online techniques, but the teachers are very effective making sure kids learn all aspects and their understanding is correct. Hats off. Big thanks to each and every mentor. Deepti Kamat Dalal.

Sumera Bhalla - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Lumira has gone out of her way to make online school fun and engaging. She is gentle yet firm when necessary with the first graders. She makes every student feel special and included. She reaches out to each one and makes classes fun . She encourages the kids to be independent and gets them to do things whether its simple yoga or a jiggle during registration in d morning , engaging english wth punctuation quiz or punchline; little scientists zoom into action during science ...and lo behold ....news time every Friday....each kids has their ears pricked up and they hear stories accompanied by pictures to see things from around d world making them naturally curious to learn new things by themselves. Great teachers are treasures , and Lumira ranks up their amongst them .Thank you

Jacinta Shabong - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Riddhi conducts her class extremely well. She is able to express herself brilliantly because of which Miraya gets inspired and is enjoying her Drama session to the core. Miraya has found keen interest in the subject that she is found engaged with acting during her playtime as well. Through Riddhi's consistent expressive style of teaching Miraya has for the very first time experienced pure joy and the thrill of acting in many a make-believe drama scenarios. In Miraya's exact words, " Thank You Riddhi Ma'am you inspire me a lot".

Oscar D Souza - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

He is my favorite mentor because i like to do sports.

Gurdeep Tripathi - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Riddhi put in her all energy nd everythingh best to her abilities to teach her students and has all the combination of skills to handle her students . She is very compassionate , passionate about her job as a teacher . She can be very understanding nd strict when the situation arises and handles every situation with lot of grace and sensibilities. Though it was very tough for me to chose her from the other mentors like Pranjali , Regina , sheebhu who are equally good at ther jobs and equally good human beings . good vibes to the lovely team of teachers you have nd Aayann is really blessed to get educated at Ardee . Love and hugs from Aayaann and Me (Gurdeep)

Lester Remedios - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Mr Roys music class is the most awaited class of the week. Its not just singing, but he even makes the kids dance to his tunes. He's ability to make each and every kid participate wholeheartedly is amazing. His humour and wit makes the class fun and enjoyable. Thank you Mr Roy

Alisha Fernandes - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms Jenifa is a very patient and understanding Mentor. It takes alot to keep the little minds engrossed , that too through a virtual medium and Ms Jenifa knows exactly how to do that! She is never pressurizing any of the kids and helps them learn at their own speed. Always soft spoken and her ability to listen to and understand the kids is exemplary. Thank you Ms Jenifa

Lucy Fernandes - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms. Isha is a very hardworking teacher. She definitely keeps classes giving time, having a busy schedule just like all teachers do. But, knowing both my daughters need regular help and understanding with a new subject, Ms. Isha definitely makes sure she can do what she can. From what I've heard, my daughters say she teaches them well and make them understand their mistake.

Lucy Fernandes - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

My daughter loves how he takes interest in the students health and well-being apart from his excellent teaching, and how he always responds and clears all her doubts and is ready to help whenever!! I think he is doing a great job and requires great appreciation for his efforts.

Pallavi Arlekar - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

My daughter likes her very much. One day she came and told me mumma I always kiss and hug her. I was so surprised because last year was my daughter's first year in that school but she found Lumira so adorable she had no barrier in communicating with her. Lumira also told me that she was touched by her gesture. Other students also copied Aaditi.

Evgeniya Markovnikova - 5 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Voting for Ms.Albina’s expertise both in teaching the subject and organising the learning process

Samantha - 4 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms. Sujata is a kind and compassionate mentor. She is patient and keeps the kids engaged. The online classes have distanced the kids from their mentors but Ms. Sujata has worked hard to build the relationship. Her cheerful demeanor keeps us going. We must mention Roy, Charlene & Vishal who work hard to keep the kids engaged and happy. Mr. Roy is wonderful with the kids, the interactions are fun. Thank you Team Ardee.

Bhawna singh Atwal - 4 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Class mentor Lumira mam gets our vote Karam’s feedback 1) fun teacher 2) likes what she makes us do 3) sweet teacher Parent feedback 1) keen interest in kids 2) CW / HW feedback is quite detailed 3) interactive sessions 4) well thought out and well conducted classes.

Milosha - 4 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Thank you for your hard work in supporting my son. Your patience, commitment and expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. With your guidance, Zeev has developed into a confident and capable child. We are so grateful to have you Ignes Ma’am as Zeev’s Math teacher. Thank you

Anna Kondratyeva - 4 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

I think the mentor that I like the most is Regina Ma’am.

Kim Lasrado - 4 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Ms.Regina has been teaching Aarik for a while now. She has been consistently dedicated and encouraging often going beyond expectations of her as a teacher. She has found a place in Aariks heart and ours and is responsible in a large way for the person he has become. We are eternally grateful!!!

Mrs Anette Menezes - 4 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

Regina vaz for explaining every concept. Very clearly very loving and careing teacher Tanishq. Explanation is really very good very knowledgeable with her subject.

Aradhana Pansare - 4 Dec 2020 (Mentor Thanks Giving)

It's really difficult to vote for one mentor as all of them are doing a great job. Samaira is pleased to vote for her favourite mathematics ma'am, Ms. Ignes Pinto. She has been really patient with the kids explaining it to everyone on personal level. Teaching kids online is a difficult job. But mathematics teaching is quite a task. We really appreciate her efforts. Thank you so much ma'am. Samaira would never miss to say, "love you ma'am" after every class. Nor today. Love u so much ma'am. Whether you win or not, u'll always be special to us. Good luck.

Sumera - 11 May 2020

Just dropping in a quick line of thanks for d the online classes. Raaya has been enjoying the classes and combination of studies plus creative activities has been ticking her buttons. Amanda has been conducting the classes very well and its gud to see Raaya looking forward to online school. The timing and disclipine leads to some structure similar to a regular school day.

Also in particular todays creative cluster class ticked all the boxes for Raaya and she said it was the best class. Please do convey this to Amanda as the teachers are really stepping out of their comfort zones to deliver quality education. Also not forgetting the work done behind the scenes to thank the teachers, administrators and assistants who we do not see.

Thank you :)

Archana Ranjan - 22 Apr, 2020

Dear Kripa,

First of all please accept my apologies for the late email.

Thank you to the teachers, staff and management. The thank you is for being so proactive and coming up with a solution for online teaching and having the systems in place right from the time the crisis hit us.

The teachers are doing a great job in keeping the kids engaged and seeing that they are not left behind on the acedemic front, kuddos to them. I know how difficult it must be for them given they must be having the house chore to complete and family and kids who are home and have to be looked after. They sure are very proffesional and imparting great values to the kids.

Special mention to the arts, sports and drama teachers it must be difficult for them but are doing a great job to impart their curriculum. Also, appreaciate that the teacher are being innovative and using quizes , powerpoint presentationsand other innovative way to teach the kids. The admin staff and other staff that is working in the background have also to be appreaciated for solving queries helping us in the initial day nad now ass well when we face issues to get online.

The management for having the vision to invest in technology and seeing that not much disruption is happening during the academic year.

Ratika Noord - 16 Apr, 2020

Dear Principal and Teachers of Ardee School,

I have to say that, even though I’m going absolutely nuts trying to get the kids to do their school work while trying to do my own work, I’m really glad that the school is doing this.

So happy that the children are gainfully employed for some part of the day.

Am also really enjoying the way they’re taught and what they’re taught.

I have new respect plus admiration for all of you. Thank you so much.

Vaibhav Shah - 16 Apr, 2020


My name is Vaibhav shah, father of Aarav shah, studying in grade 8 currently.

The initiative and the efforts which have been taken by ardee school is fantastic.

We as parents really appreciate the teachers taking efforts at these times and taking classes online.

If there is any way we as parents can help, please let us know.

Alisha and Lester Remedios (Parents of Chanel and Kiara Remedios -FMB) - 1 Apr, 2020

Dear Ms Venu,

We would like to thank the Ardee School for starting online classes for the pre primary.

It was a refreshing change for the kids as well as us to see the kids interacting with their friends as well as the mentors. It also gave us an insight on how the mentors teach the kids, which will assist us to teach the kids at home.

Thank you for all the effort you are all putting in to keep the kids engaged during this lockdown.

Finally, we would like to add that we couldn’t be more sure about our decision in choosing the Ardee school for our girls.

Thank you once again. God bless you all and Stay safe!

Kyle D'souza - 31 Mar, 2020

Dear Ardee team,

Just came to know on the PSA / whatsapp group that there was a complaint made to the Goa Education department about the online classes conducted by Ardee being a waste of time.

My family was surprised to hear about this, in fact Ardee is doing a lot of service to the students especially during this Pandemic, and this is not a waste of time. We know for a fact that the school is doing all that it can to make sure lessons and studies are learnt and not put on hold. We keep receiving the assignments for our son in the Blue class and it is very important that these assignments keep on coming.

So please do not let this dishearten you, and keep up the good work.

Vivet Mendonza Chawla - 30 Mar, 2020

Dear Madam,

Warm greetings !!

May I take this opportunity to thank your esteemed school teachers for all the hard work they have been putting and continuing to do so for the progress of our children even when everything else comes to a standstill.

We would specially like to thank Ms. Sujata (environment blue, Ms Keerat Chawla teacher) to talk to keerat over the phone and to know about her well being.

Thank you so much for being so passionate about teaching young children. We are so excited that you give our children the care that they deserve. Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful. We feel extremely grateful to have you as my child’s preschool teacher. Thanks for your patience and for the quality of care you provide. We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have contributed to my child’s growth and curiosity for learning inspite of this lockdown.

We value your work so much! We appreciate all your care and commitment to our child’s education and you have proved that no matter what the situation is, imparting knowledge through any medium is always progressive.

Thank you for being a hero in my child's life. Wish you all a very good health.

Ryan & Giselle De Souza - 29 Sep, 2016

Dear Ms. Kripa Dessai,

I apologize for the fact that this email is long overdue as Renata and Ryhssa have already completed one Quarter in their new school in the NCBIS - New Cairo British International School.

Yesterday, we had a Parent - Teacher review and the feedback from the teacher about their progress was overwhelming. The teachers did not realize that the kids had missed a year because of the transfer from India to the international IB system.

In other words, Renata had just completed Year 2 in the Ardee school and she joined her year group in Year 4 as she is 8 years old, without attending Year 3 at all. Similarly, Rhyssa went directly to Year 2 - without attending Year 1 and has settled flawlessly in the new class.

At the time of admission, Renata had to answer a 3 Hour Evaluation Test to gain admission to Class 4. The test included Audio Visual Questions, Math exercises and Writing, which she apparently did very well. Similarly, Rhyssa answered a one hour exam for admission to Year 2.

It goes to show that the standard of education in the Ardee School is certainly remarkable and I want to commend you for the great job your team is doing. Do extend our heart-filled gratitude to their teachers and teaching assistants in the Ardee School in Sangolda.

Once again, thank you very much and all the best!

Parents of Zack Travasso - 8 Nov, 2015

Ms. Kripa,

A quick note to say we appreciate the way the sports day was handled by teachers and staff. Minimal time in the sun for the kids, well co-ordinated staff, and well planned event.

Francisco - 31 July, 2015

Dear Kripa

I would like to extend my sincere compliments and praise to Preeta (Art Teacher).

Every morning when we drop Lily and Sabina off at school we are greeted with a happy, warm and professional smile from Preeta. She has such a happy nature regardless of the day or weather! We have even arrived in heavy downpours and there is Preeta waiting – completely soaked but still so jolly, happy and welcoming to the girls and us. It’s wonderful to see this every day and I just want Preeta to know that we think she’s great and we are extremely sorry to hear that she is leaving. We would like to wish her everything of the very best for the future.

Have a great week-end.

Warren Dsouza, Father of Liam D'Soza - 6 April, 2015

Excellent job on the Pench trip and the efforts on Liam’s birthday, I am very happy with the way Ardee has organised the entire trip.