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The Ardee School
Year Age Eligibility as on 31 March, 2023
NIDO 18 months +
RED 2+
Year 1 6+
Year 2 7+
Year 3 8+
Year 4 9+
Year 5 10+
Year 6 11+
Year 7 12+
Year 8 13+
Year 9 14+
Year 10 15+
Year 11 16+
Year 12 17+
Steps to Admissions

1. Collect the enquiry form from The Ardee Junior School office.

2. Submit the filled in enquiry form in person at The Ardee Junior School office, Goa.

3. Await intimation from the school authorities for an interaction with the Head of Admission and the Principal, after an appointment date and time given to parents by the office.

4. Parents will be intimated by an e-mail on the results of their interaction and the procedure of Aptitude Test will follow after that.

- Parent will be emailed after the test, for another meeting and discuss the result.

- Admission process to follow after that.

- In case you wish to visit the school office , email or call the school office for an appointment


Documents Required

Following documents are required to be submitted upon intimation of the offer for admission for your child to the school:

  • 1. 6 passport size photographs of the student and 2 passport size photograph of each parent.
  • 2. Birth Certificate of the child (in original) for verification and legible photocopy for the school records.
  • 3. A photocopy of the proof of residence (electricity bill, telephone bill / voters ID) and the original of the same for verification.
  • 4. Aadhar Card of both the parents and of student (in case available)
  • 5. A photocopy of PAN CARD of the Payee Parent
  • 6. Previous School's Report Card & Transfer Certificate.

You will be provided with the following documents - The Indemnity form, The Health Card and the Consent Form. You are requested to sign and return them at the time of admission and payment of fees.

Payment of fees

The admission fees will be paid at the school office. The fees can be paid on quarterly / half yearly / yearly basis.

Any queries related to the fee structure and refund policy may be clarified at the time of admission.

One quarter notice (in writing or email) fee in lieu of such a notice must be given before withdrawal.

Transfer Certificate will be issued subject to clearance of all dues.

Notice for withdrawal must be provided as follows:

(a) For withdrawal at the end of first term notice must be given by June 30, 2023.
(b) For withdrawal at the end of second term notice must be given by September 30, 2023.
(c) For withdrawal at the end of third term notice must be given by December 31, 2023.
(d) For withdrawal at the end of fourth term notice must be given by March 31, 2024.

Last date for the payment of fee

(a) The last date for payment of first term fee is July 10, 2023.
(b) The last date for payment of second term fee is October 10, 2023.
(c) The last date for payment of third term fee is January 10, 2024.
(d) The last date for payment of fourth term fee is April 10, 2024.


The Ardee School is one of the leading co-educational institutes of India. Here at Ardee we offer an inspiring, enriching and inclusive academic environment to our students. From its foundation in 2003, we are proud to offer two exclusively Montessori schools and three K-12 schools in New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Gurugram and Goa. As a school with a global perspective, we nurture in our students a deeper understanding of the self and of the world around them. We hone their natural intellect, individual excellence and their capacity for interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange, and guide them to become confident and conscientious citizen-leaders.